In 2009, AVA PREVENT was founded by several members who have more than 100 man-years experience in the R&D, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of Aspiring Smoke Detection Systems. Our products are marketed under our own brand name of AVA. At press ent , our business is mainly in Taiwan and China, and we are expanding our business to Asia, Europe, America and Africa. AVA PREVENT's products have FM Approval, China CCCF and Korea KFI certification. The company is headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan and has offices in Taichung and Kaohsiung, as well as a subsidiary company in Shanghai.

Our Mission
We believe that the integration of active air sampling and high sensitive air quality detection can effectively provide very early warning of environmental
abnormality ,particular in the initial stages of a fire. By early warning, there is sufficient time to respond and deal with the situation to prevent the disaster from occurring and save precious lives and property or minimize the loss. AVA PREVENT will dedicate to make early warning fire detection products an affordable investment for more places so that the world can benefit from our efforts.

Our Motto
Pursuit Excellence, Reject Modiocrity.
  • 2008
    R&D Started
  • 2009
    AVA PREVENT was founded in Taiwan. Launch AVA’s first model CSD-100, the world's first Cabinet Smoke Detector especially designed for Electrical Cabinet Fire Detection with Addressability to pinpoint the fire source..
  • 2010
    QUARTAS-500 Single Pipe ASD and FANFARE-2000 Four Pipes/Four Detectors ASD were launched
  • 2011
    QUARTAS-500 and FANFARE-2000 were certified by China National Centre of Quality Supervision and Testing
  • 2012
    QUARTAS-500 gained FM Approval. AVA Prevent (Shanghai) CO., Ltd. was founded in Shanghai.
  • 2013
    New Model QUARTAS-2000 Four Pipes Scanning ASD were launched
  • 2014
    QUARTAS-500, QUARTAS-2000, FANFARE-2000 gained China CCCF certification
  • 2017
    First OEM/ODM project.
  • 2018
    QUARTAS-500s, QUARTAS-2000s gained FM Approval
  • 2020
    QUARTAS-500s, QUARTAS-2000s approved by KFI Korea Fire Institute
  • 2022
    Released a new generation of the CSD and ASD series